The first piece of exercise equipment – gloves?

I believe that exercise is one of the most powerful tools to fight Crohn’s.

Exercise puts the focus on physically improving your body and is something that you can do proactively.

I will be talking about exercise a lot as the site progresses. Up until last summer I was doing quite well in terms of exercise, so for me this is just restarting something that I had started several years ago.

My old lifting gloves are torn from lots of use. They were good, but they’ve had their run.

Today I bought a new pair of workout gloves. I consider these to be a first and necessary piece of equipment.


Many weightlifters swear that you should learn to lift bare-handed. The direct contact with metal has good psychological properties and it helps you develop your grip strength. Lift heavy enough weights and your hands will develop some callouses that make them more able to handle rough work.

That is all good and fine, but since I also do a lot of typing, I like my hands not-so-calloused.

But that’s not the reason I wear workout gloves — and in fact for certain exercises I do take the gloves off and work bare-handed.

What the gloves do for me is more mental than physical.

I wear sneakers almost all the time. I wear t-shirts most summer days. I wear shorts when it is hot out.

But the exercise gloves — I only wear them when I am lifting weights. They are like my “workout uniform.” When I put on the gloves, I am concentrating on lifting weights. There are no phone calls, no outside considerations, no interruptions. For the next 60 minutes, I will be concentrating on myself and the weights. The gloves are the symbol of that commitment.

When I’m finished with my workout, I take the gloves off and resume contact with the outside world.

So much of success revolves around mindset. Workout gloves are a simple way to get into the workout mindset.