Starting Your Walking Routine

This year has been exceptionally cold outside — especially now that it is already May. Today was one of the first real “the sun feels warm on your skin” kind of days.

I took advantage of this and went for a long walk to the mall.

Walking is one of my 3 components to fitness. I love the feel of walking — I find that the natural rhythm helps clear my thoughts and makes me feel better. It also seems to help keep the digestive system in better order — probably some aspect of the regular up-and-down motion keeps things moving properly through the guts.

I wasn’t always able to walk long distances. In 2000, before I was hospitalized I was bedridden most of the year with intense back pain. After my third hospitalization of 2002, I was too fat and weak to even be able to walk to the bathroom. So I now appreciate being able to accomplish a few miles of walking.

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