It just hit me that it’s 2010 and where I was 10 years ago

I had an appointment with my current doctor for my yearly physical today (May 6, 2010) and had to fill out some paperwork. So I’m writing in the date and I realized that I had to put the year — 2010. And I thought back to how ill I was with Crohn’s disease 10 years ago. That I was able today to drive myself to the doctor, walk unassisted to the office, sit and wait without being in agony — all these things were unthinkable back in 2000.

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#1 Diet Tip – Don’t Have Bad Foods Accessible

I’m feeling a LOT better than I was yesterday, and I’d have to think that at least part of that was that I didn’t do my first impulse and sit down and eat a bunch of cookies because I was in pain and seeking comfort by eating something tasty.

Don’t get me wrong — I love sugar! Cookies are my friends! I like making them and I like eating them! And doughnuts, cake, ice cream, etc.

I just don’t eat those sugary things very often anymore. That doesn’t mean I’ve cut them out entirely — but I make sure that I only eat them if they are something really tasty and I’m going to enjoy a lot. And then I go back to my regularly scheduled plan of not eating them.

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Dealing With Pain – Joe Vitale’s Vital Message

It’s later in the day and my guts still hurt. This pain came out of nowhere — I’ve been doing fairly well lately and not having this kind of distress. Certainly nothing on this level. This is the kind of day when it seems impossible to rise above Crohn’s. Reading my email I came across a timely message from Joe Vitale.

The Vital Message

I think I have a belief that I can’t really get my Crohn’s under control to the point that it doesn’t control me.

Joe breaks down a 4 step process that yielded some interesting results for me, so I’ll share them here:

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Extreme Gut Pain Morning

I got up this morning and I’ve had extreme gut pain since. I’d describe it best as some kind of stomach cramps. No matter how many times I go to the bathroom I still hurt.

I used to have this kind of pain all the time. Every morning was a new dice roll to see if I felt well enough to do anything that day.

It’s one of the things that made me hate going to sleep — especially if I was feeling well at night. Because there’s no way to predict whether I will wake up fine in the morning or in pain. I hated the way it made me totally unable to rely on myself — I’d never know if the next morning I’d be functional or not.

Lately this has not been a problem for me. I tend to have to go to the bathroom a lot every morning, which then settles down by afternoon. But it isn’t ongoing intense pain like this.

The temptation is to eat lots of “comforting” foods like cookies and wait for it to go away. But that probably isn’t going to actually help — and cookies probably are counterproductive. I don’t normally eat such things anymore.

So what can I do that is productive?

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Starting Your Walking Routine

This year has been exceptionally cold outside — especially now that it is already May. Today was one of the first real “the sun feels warm on your skin” kind of days.

I took advantage of this and went for a long walk to the mall.

Walking is one of my 3 components to fitness. I love the feel of walking — I find that the natural rhythm helps clear my thoughts and makes me feel better. It also seems to help keep the digestive system in better order — probably some aspect of the regular up-and-down motion keeps things moving properly through the guts.

I wasn’t always able to walk long distances. In 2000, before I was hospitalized I was bedridden most of the year with intense back pain. After my third hospitalization of 2002, I was too fat and weak to even be able to walk to the bathroom. So I now appreciate being able to accomplish a few miles of walking.

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The first piece of exercise equipment – gloves?

I believe that exercise is one of the most powerful tools to fight Crohn’s.

Exercise puts the focus on physically improving your body and is something that you can do proactively.

I will be talking about exercise a lot as the site progresses. Up until last summer I was doing quite well in terms of exercise, so for me this is just restarting something that I had started several years ago.

My old lifting gloves are torn from lots of use. They were good, but they’ve had their run.

Today I bought a new pair of workout gloves. I consider these to be a first and necessary piece of equipment.


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