Better never to begin. Once begun, better to finish.

It’s been a year since my Hello World post with this blog.

While I’ve written a lot of articles and posts and had ideas for even more, I haven’t actually published any of it.

There have been several reasons for this:

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Get an Outside Opinion

I’ve been having what feels like panic attacks, gut pains, and extreme breathing difficulties for a while now. I’ve seen two different gastroenterologists from my gastroenterologist’s office (my doctor hasn’t been available).

Both doctors think it’s just in my head and that there’s nothing wrong with me.

So while describing my problems to Melissa yesterday, she said it sounds a lot like heartburn or acid reflux.

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In Case of Emergency

Jonathan Silverman had a short-lived sitcom early in 2007 titled “In Case of Emergency”. According to IMDB, it started just after New Year’s Day.

The show was about people nearing 40 who don’t have any family due to either not being married or being divorced — and the central question comes up when filling out a hospital form: Who do you put as your emergency contact when you don’t have one?

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Crohn’s Disease – Is There Hope?

For now, I’m just going to jump into the middle of the story — which is where I’m at right now. As I fill in this site I’ll fill in the whole story.

I presume if you are reading this that the commonality we both share is Crohn’s disease. I have Crohn’s. That says a lot about me right there. I’m healthier than some of you, less healthy than others.

For a long time I’ve been torn — I’ve both wanted to create a resource like this website and I’ve wanted to live my life acknowledging my Crohn’s as little as possible. Though I’ve (finally) had a lot of success in getting my Crohn’s under control, I achieved it by avoiding Crohn’s-related stuff as much as possible and focusing on health and fitness. In a way, it felt as though writing about the Crohn’s would give it even more power over me.

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