Better never to begin. Once begun, better to finish.

It’s been a year since my Hello World post with this blog.

While I’ve written a lot of articles and posts and had ideas for even more, I haven’t actually published any of it.

There have been several reasons for this:

  1. I’ve had a lot of personal problems and physical problems over the past year that I’m only just now beginning to sort out. The problems are all related to the Crohn’s, but not the Crohn’s itself. I suspect that this isn’t unusual — Crohn’s both causes a lot of personal stress and is affected by personal stress.
  2. Because I was a semi-public figure when I first got ill, I am accustomed to people I’ve never met knowing that I have Crohn’s. But I still feel uncomfortable talking about it sometimes. It can be a very embarassing disease.
  3. A lot of my personal progress has been made by not looking at the disease, but rather looking at health. I spent my time looking at how athletes got fitter, not how sick people coped. For a long time, I’ve felt that devoting time to writing about the disease would give it additional power over me. Instead I only talked about fitness goals — getting stronger and healthier and ignoring the problems in the hope that they would just go away.
  4. Some dumb technical issues — Just not knowing how to get WordPress to work efficiently. Fortunately, in the last year the software has improved a lot.

I think I’ve worked out the above points sufficiently that I can deal with all of them.

But the fear of discussing Crohn’s and having that somehow cause me to have Crohn’s problems is still quite strong. Just remembering some of the bad things makes me worry that they will happen again.

My next step will be to start filling out this site. Since the chronological order of some things is important to the understanding of them, I’m going to back-fill this blog time-wise. That means that new posts will keep appearing in the “past” to fill in some of the things I wrote or went through at the time.

I will also continue to post new material.

So this blog may be confusing to read in the short term as new items appear in both the past and future of this post. But eventually it will all be online and in the long fun I think it will be better for future readers since they will be able to read everything in the order in which it is intended.

I’m adding a mailing list to this blog (as soon as I can figure that part out). Signing up for the list is the best way to keep up with all the posts — especially as it starts to get weird as I fill in both the past and the present at the same time.

“Better never to begin. Once begun, better to finish.”
– Taoist saying

I started this site with the intention of creating a resource for people with Crohn’s disease who want to work towards maximizing their health and their abilities.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m not perfect at this. I’ve got plenty of personal problems and my own health has its ups and downs — but I do know that there are plenty of things I’ve found that make me a lot healthier than I was back when I was first diagnosed.

I’d like to pass along some of these things so that others might jump right to some things that help them instead of also having to search around for ideas.

Again, I’d like to invite you to join me. Sign up for the email newletter to keep informed about all the happenings here. Register in order to comment.